cultivating regional engagement in circus arts


Trellis Arts & Entertainment has a gift for story telling using strong visuals and expressive movement.
From Full-length Shows to mini-productions, these performances are fiercely creative, visually Striking and Full of Art and Thought!

Host a show in your area as the Central Attraction to a special event or festival,
or as an unexpected and brilliant addition to your private party.

Double Life

This mini production on aerial silks or rope is suitable for schools, children’s theatre and family festivals. In this 10-minute show you will discover a janitor’s Second identity and dearest secret.

Bad Days, Dark Days (Invisible)

This 3-part mini production is about stages of mental health, shown in this beautiful and Dark aerial dance with fabric. A 20 minute Contemporary and Edgy Contribution to Art Festivals, and special events and Fundraisers. Recommended for Mature Audiences.

“The Giving Tree” - Debuting September 2019

This 25-minute Show includes Live story-Telling, music, artwork and Acrobatics. Watch this Classic STory about The Relationship between Humans & Nature come to life by our interdisciplinary artists. A compliment to Any Fair and Festival.